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#LightItForward is a challenge to light up the world for those who still have to live without electricity.

I would like to bring a EXPOLIVE viral climate change access program which started with funds from EXPO2020 to your attention and possibility to extend it to COP28 UAE.

My name is Illac Diaz and I am currently under the special EXPOLIVE program founded under the guidance and generosity of His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for 140 changemakers (from 11,000+ worldwide) making novel and innovative solutions that make the world a better place and for positive change.

About Liter of Light : CNN ARABIA 

My work is more inclusive and diverse campaign for climate action with an alarming 75 percent of the world who don’t speak English nor are able to get their voices heard COP. That’s a big problem for climate change.

My work as a Momentum for Change awardee is working with the United Nations Climate Change team (UNFCCC) using the EXPOLIVE funds in COP26 to make the world’s largest “TWITTER for the PLANET” ( limited to 280 characters ) where underrepresented Asian countries, specially island nations could make their voices heard in Italy and Glasgow. They contribute their messages on social media and by working with city mayors, we gain access to public spaces to expand their messages hundreds of meters wide and visible from kilometers above the city. With this is an explanation of their witness and call for action from the world’s leaders. This gained more than seven (7) million plus views, and we would like to do this here in the UAE.



A world where everyone has access to reliable, affordable, sustainable energy.


To empower communities living in energy poverty through simple, community-based solar lighting solutions.


Hyper-local production

our solutions should use locally sourced materials

Knowledge transfer

We should be able to transfer knowledge and skills to the communities where we work

Enabling livelihood

we should enable local communities to gain a new source of livelihood


Building on the success of our award-winning Light It Forward campaign (www.lightitforward.ph), Liter of Light is launching its newest project: HumanPowered Messages of Hope. Similar to Twitter, we will call on youth from across the world to submit messages of hope for the future, which we will make into solar-powered billboards at key locations throughout various cities in the lead-up to COP26. We will be inviting clean energy leaders to share this platform that we are giving to the youth to give inspiration and hope with these larger-than-life Messages of Hope

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#LightItForward is a challenge to light up the world
for those who still have to live without electricity.

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